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Thu, Mar. 16th, 2006, 05:33 pm

I just wanted to write and comment about how smooth my last few days of the quarter are going. I think i screwed myself up with missing a week in the beginning but i could be wrong. I think i did pretty well for missing almost 2 weeks in a row. Well anyway so far i know i have atleast a b in my 4x5 class which is pretty good considering i have never worked with that format before. I cant wait to get into color. I know it seems silly but i just want to be challenged.
As for my gen ed classes.. I hate them. A paper a week for english and 8,000 thumbnails for drawing. I just cant wait to be done with all these bullshit classes and just be doing photo. I think thats how everyone feels here. The classes are so rediculous.
I guess i just needed to vent a little.
Hit me back. I know that Chris, you are the only one that sees this but yeah:) tons of love

Wed, Dec. 14th, 2005, 05:41 pm
Yeha a correction on what i said the other day

THe other day i said the i wish nick wasnt over there fighting an OIL WAr.. well i dont know where that came from i wish nick was home safe and all but i dont know why i said oil war.. im not political i have no idea what is going on over there so i have no right to say such a thing. Well anyway.. i just wanted to correct myself and let you know that the term oil war came from mark i think.
Ok bye

Wed, Dec. 14th, 2005, 05:38 pm
home soon

I will be home in less than three days... i will be at my aunt judys with chrissypoo making some damn good cookies. I love it. Then hopefully going out and partying b.c i need it! Well gotta boogie. Class is calling my name.. blah

Wed, Dec. 14th, 2005, 01:53 am

So i couldnt even tell you the last time i updated but it has been a while. Since mark and i got engaged we have decided to push things back a little bit. It was a tough desicion but im sure its for the best. I mean i know that sooner or later i will marry him I guess i dont need to rush. I have been real busiy with school. I have a job now so i have to be there at 530 am and then go to school and then do class work. Its tough. And in the mean time i am trying to convince mark its a good idea to move here lol. Its never going to work but i cant stand being away from him. He is just worried bout not having any money and shit. Which i agree is a HUGE thing but im stubborn and want to be around him. I love him a ton if you didnt notice. well besides mark my life has been crazy if im not in class im still at school but in the lab if im not in the lab i am working and if not working sleeping. I love to sleep. I dont have money for paryting so it doesnt matter that i dont have the time. I think i should be saving anyway. LOL But how can i when ill be 21 in less than 4 months lol.
Oh quick footnote..... julie is getting married to marks best friend Nick as soon as he gets home. Im excited. We are going to be the old couples who hang out and do shit together. Its going to be fun. Nick is in Irag right now. He will be home i beileive around may sometime. I miss him. He pissed me off a ton of times and he hated me for a long time but i think about him and his stubborn ways and i want him around. Its hard to think that he is over there fighting an oil war for someone he has never met before. I have heard rumors that the troops are going to be pulled out but who knows when. Im proud of julie nick mark and sean for doing what they are doing but i know that i would be scared shitless. I give nick a lot of credit for doing the things that he is doing:)
Sean and sarah are getting married in june:) I dont know how i feel about her. I guess i dont really have a say in it anyway. Not like they arent going to get married because i dont like her ya know. HAHA
I miss my firends. Julie the most. We havent seen each other for a month straight in a while. It was like when she got home i left. Well it felt like that anyway It was probably longer than just a month. But who keeps tract of time now-a-days.
I am at the school right now because my computer wont let me get online which totally blows balls but what can ya do. Im thinkin about saving up for a laptop. But i need to save some money for an apartment soon. I have to get out of the dorms by the third quarter which is about june. Hopefully by then mark will decide whether or not to move here. Im kinda worried about him sometimes. He doesnt really kknow waht he wants to do with himself and when i talk about it he gets mad. Im not trying to be a bitch to him i just want him to make some choices on what he wants to do. He doesnt want to go to scool, he doesnt want to be a marine he just is confused right now. And i dont know how to help him and that sucks. Its a crappy feeling to not be able to halp someone when they are in need. Maybe thats why im pushing him to come here. We need eachother and i dont want anything to change with us through the years. I mean im going to be here for three years and i dont know if i can do that with out him. Its going to be hard.
I miss my mom. I dont think i have ever missed her thins much before Well excpet the one time i went to Boston with my class for the whale watch i remember throwing up in the bathroom of a pizza place because i missed her so much. But now i just cant hold back this feeling. Its strange. I love her to death. Well anyway she was diagnosed with emphazema. My whole entire family knew and they didnt want to tell me over the phone so the one day mark and my dad and i went to pick up the dump truck somehwnere in buffalo and my dad just said " you know your mom has emphazema right" i didnt know what to say. we werent even talking about anything like that. It was like he was scared to tell me. I didnt cry. Not til i was alone back at school. I didnt know what to do. I might even just finish off the next few semesters and go home. I cant stay here knowing that i only have a little bit of time whether it be 5 months or 5 years with my mom. Its so hard to think of her not here. I dont know what i would do. I try o talk to her as much as i can but its hard with school and shit. I havent really talked to her about it eaither. Its weird. We went to get a jacket for her and all i could say was that she shouldnt be smoking that short. I mean i know that she knows but man i just wanted her to know that i knew what was going on. Can you beilive that mark knew before i did. I can understand why he wouldnt tell me. Its not his place so i wasnt upset or anything but man i wish i would have know right off the bat!
Well i have to get going i will talk a little bit more about everything when i get a chance.

Mon, Oct. 3rd, 2005, 08:46 pm

ok ok i know... its been a while. I am so buisy lately that i cant get a chance to be online. school is going well i love it. I dont have much time to write. But i just wanted to let you know that i am still alive. lol i will talk to you soon

Tue, Aug. 30th, 2005, 10:09 am

So about all that wedding talk a few days ago. There is a date set. June 21, 2007:) Yay!
I have to boogie.. work is calling my name:)

Wed, Aug. 24th, 2005, 11:28 am

Big News Everyone.
I am getting married. WEll i dont know when yet but mark asked me to marry him and we are engaged now. Horray. All that talk about getting married im glad it official now lol
I just wanted to let you kno so ok Bye
tons of loveage.

Fri, Aug. 12th, 2005, 03:46 pm

I cant beleive that it has taken 7 months for me to update. I love LJ and i dont kno what the hell my problem is lol.
Nothing has been happening latley and its sad to say that i cant wait to leave for Pittsburgh. I just want to start and get shit taken care of. Mark and I are just ready to start a whole new chapter in our lives. He is almost done with training. Only about a month left. Hes been going strong now for like 6 months. Im proud of him.He DOne good:)
Well anyway when i go to Pitt my first semester is a breeze. I have Drawing, black and white lab, principles of photography, computer literacy, and composition and language.. breeze! He he its sad because i have taken all these classes at ecc but never finished.. Im such a loser. Tell me about it lol.
I wish i had more to talk about but i really dont. Julie, tara and alanna are all leaving. Julies goin to cali soon to be with nick and tara and lanna are goin to virginia with kelly. So i guess its a good thing that im leaving too. Mark doesnt want to go to pitt with me because he is stationed in syracuse and it would be annoying to drive there. I dont know. IF he really wanted to he could change his base, julie is lol... Im not going to get mad thats a huge step to take. And we would live together and that is HUGE for us. I dont think we are ready for that. But i love him to death. So whatever he wants to do i will be happy.
I have to boogie...
tons of love

Thu, Jan. 13th, 2005, 12:34 pm

So last night was jessicas Birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS.... instead of going out to went, b.c im broke, we just all stayed at jessicas house and made dinner for her. Well it was actually leeanne making all the food. The one thing she left for jessica to do, which by the way was to microwave some veggies, she couldnt do. But her garlic bread was good... Not at good as Mark Millanti's but what can you do ya kno?
Well after we all ate and had an over abundant about of Wine we all went out side b.c it is January and it feels like spring:) So we ended up just leaving. I didnt want any of us to drive so me leeanne and geoff walked home. Me and geoff talked about some stuff.. and i think he is mad at me.:( but i got home and i couldnt just go to sleep so i walk around for a bit.
But yeah i got home and about 5 lets say. And at 630 my dad is upstairs.. in all of our rooms trying to clean up. WTF right?! Yeah well i cant say one word bc he will bring up the fact that i didnt get home until my mom was pulling out of the drive way to leave. oh oh She got pissed at my too by the way. LOL b.c she said cloe was whinning all night so it was my fault b.c i left. I just dont understand this family at all. So my dad was like ITS GARBAGE NIGHT. which in actualality it was garbage morning. But he thought that it was a good idea to take everyones things.. none of mine ofcourse b.c all my shit is in my room.. not in the hall and throw them out! I am so annoyed right now i just dont know what to do with myself. I have to go!
tons of love,

Sun, Jan. 9th, 2005, 03:16 pm

I finally got my exceptance letter from aip!...((((((((((((yay))))))))))

Today i was eating buttered noodles that my dad made... and i was down to about 3 noodles left in my bowl.. when i found a MEAL WORM........ Needles to say i threw up and have yet to be able to eat something:)

tons of love

oh oh mark shaved his head!

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